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South Tulsa Office
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  • Your home will be marketed as part of my innovative „Every Day Until It’s Sold„ program.

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  • You can be assured that you will be exposed to all the homes in the area that are in your price range and meet your needs.
  • You will have representation from the first time you see your new home, through negotiations, the escrow process, close and after.

About me...

**Donny Morgan**

With a diverse background spanning over four decades, Donny Morgan brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his professional endeavors. As a seasoned professional, he has navigated various industries, always with a commitment to excellence and a passion for helping others achieve their goals.


**Trucking Veteran: **

Donny's journey began in the world of trucking, where he spent 40 years honing his skills, from long-haul trucking to eventually managing terminal operations. His deep understanding of logistics and transportation has been a cornerstone of his career.


**Military Service: **

A proud US Army veteran, Donny's time in the military was marked by his certification as a US Army Helicopter Avionics Mechanic. This experience instilled in him discipline, attention to detail, and a strong work ethic that continue to serve him well today.


**Educational Pursuits: **

Donny's commitment to education is evident in his academic achievements. He earned his associate degree in mathematics from Temple University and furthered his knowledge by obtaining an HVAC Universal License from Tulsa Technology Center. His dedication to learning is a testament to his quest for personal and professional growth.


**Real Estate Expertise: **

Transitioning to the real estate industry, Donny's dedication to his clients is unwavering. He is a proud graduate of the Oklahoma Real Estate Academy and holds certifications as an Oklahoma Building Inspector and Home Inspector. His unique blend of business management, problem-solving skills, and HVAC knowledge sets him apart in the competitive world of real estate.


**Client-Centric Approach: **

Donny believes that a house becomes a home when it meets the needs and safety standards of its occupants. He is deeply committed to ensuring his clients find not just a building, but a place where they can thrive and feel secure. His clients trust him for his comprehensive understanding of the real estate market and his dedication to their well-being.


**Community Engagement: **

Donny's love for Tulsa, where he has lived for 35 years, is evident in his work as a realtor. He is well-versed in residential listings in Tulsa and its surrounding communities, making him an invaluable resource for those looking to buy or sell their homes.


Beyond his professional accomplishments, Donny's life is enriched by his four children and six grandchildren. He finds companionship in his loyal chihuahua, Taco, and enjoys the art of cooking. Additionally, his ordination as a Minister reflects his deep-rooted faith and values.


Donny's journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to his work, his community, and his commitment to helping others find their ideal homes. Whether you're in search of a real estate expert, a trusted advisor, or a caring professional, Donny Morgan is a name you can rely on.


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